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What am I paying for?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Why is dance entertainment so expensive?

We would like to give you an exclusive insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a busy dance entertainment company like Unika Dance Events. At the surface you see our wonderful dancers and the event manager, lovely, friendly, bubbly people who have everything under control, and a fabulous and exciting show. Everything seems so effortless and perfect. It seems so natural and unproblematic, that it seems easy. But here’s a little secret: it’s not easy ;-)

We regard it as our job to not just provide you with outstanding professional dancers, excellent choreography and an amazing show, but to also truly take some of the weight of organising an important event off your shoulders. Our goal is for you to feel excited about your event and completely at ease. We want you to be able to trust us 100% to make your dreams and wishes a reality and a huge success. And doing so requires a lot of creative, organisational and business skills as well as preparation behind the scenes.

The acquisition and maintenance of high-end costumes

Every dance style requires a unique costume and each costume needs to be fitted to each dancer individually. Also dance costumes need to be at once gorgeous and light as well as practical and durable. They are high-quality garments that require expert skills in the making and in the on-going maintenance.

Creating and learning choreography

At Unika we hold regular company rehearsals, during which we train new skills and styles, create and learn new choreography and constantly work on our existing repertoire of shows. Our creative director oversees the entire process and also invites guest choreographers. In addition we hold further rehearsals for specific events to create and learn bespoke choreography. Of course professional dancers learn and perfect choreography much quicker than most people, but even the best dancers need regular rehearsal and training. To enable this we hire a dedicated dance space every week.

Creative consultation

We will always create an experience for you that is just for you! No client and no event are the same, so of course no Unika show will be the same. It says so in our name ;-) Amongst the many things we consider are your occasion, the amount of people you’re expecting, the location and setting and of course your wishes. We use the information you give us to come up with the best entertainment experience for you and your guests. That’s why it’s so important that we get a good understanding of what it is you’re trying to achieve. Once we know this, we choose the best suited choreography, create a bespoke playlist and choose and rehearse the dancers as well as organising our travel to you.

The dancers and performers

We work only with the very best performers in the industry right now. They are experts, multi-talented and highly skilled at what they do. To achieve success they have trained at hugely competitive and exclusive dance and performance arts colleges and they continue to take class and exclusive workshops with industry leaders.

The boring bit

It will come as no surprise to you that just like any other company we have to do lots of admin including promotion and marketing and client meetings which we love, and we have to pay our bills and do our tax return which we love a little less ;-)

But, could you really not do it for a bit cheaper?

…yes, but it wouldn’t ever yield the result that you deserve for your special event. Rest assured, our processes are as efficient as possible, so you pay exactly what you get and not a penny too much. What you get is what we pride ourselves in providing: the very best quality in everything from your first email or call onwards, and a most memorable and wonderful experience that you and your guests will cherish and remember for years to come!

Have we made you curious?

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