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Celebrating Your Love In Style!


Unika loves celebrating love, and when it comes to that very special occasion you been waiting for all your life you want it to be an out of this world unique and memorable experience.

Whether you want to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere or a sophisticated and chic ambience at your wedding, and no matter how intimate or large-scale your celebration, our luxurious, dynamic and unique entertainment ideas can do this in a personal and engaging way that truly reflects your love and your personalities. 

We have numerous weddings under our belt and we understand the importance of listening, thorough planning and dedicated attention to detail. You can feel assured and safe knowing that we are perfectionists who don’t rest until you are satisfied beyond your expectations.

Whether you want a fun-tastic knees-up and even get involved in your own show, or your preference is to sit back and be entertained, there are infinite ways to encapsulate and express your love through dance and music. Any music and any theme are possible, the sky truly is the limit.


We find that a personal one-to-one chat is the best way to see what we can create for you. 

We can't wait to hear from you! 



Kind Words from our Clients

Performance Packages

Below are options of our dance entertainment experience packages for you to choose.

If you require something bespoke, please get in touch. 

Show Time!

Be wowed by our fully choreographed and rehearsed dance shows! 

Our showstopping dance routines will impress any crowd!

Meet and Greet

 Dressed in a style to suit your theme, our dancers can meet & greet your guests as they enter your venue.

Dance floor Divas

Our dancers can stay on the stage or dance floor after their performance and encourage your guests to get up and dance, creating a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone. Our dancers are experts at getting the dance floor filled and everyone enjoying themselves,  even your most shiest guests! This is also a great opportunity to get stunning pictures with the dancers and create beautiful memories.

I Want To Dance 

I want to Shine

Have you ever wanted to be part of your own show or flashmob? This is not an impossible idea! Our dance teachers can either teach you in your own space, in a professional dance studio or we can create a personalised tutorial video for you to learn from. You will learn a simple dance routine choreographed to music of your choice. You can perform this on your own, with your colleagues or friends or with our professional dancers. This will be a stunning surprise and a unique experience they sure to never forget!

 Call us now to find out more.

 Show Me How

 We can include an interactive dance workshop class where your guests are taught a few fun and simple moves and is encouraged to dance a short and simple dance routine - Our professional teachers are patient and very entertaining.

 Always a great way to get everyone together moving, laughing and having FUN!

 Flashmob Frenzy

A flashmob is a unique surprise. It’s a quick burst of energy that is sure to leave your guests amazed! The dancers will breakout into synchronised dance moves when the music comes on, completely unexpected and out of nowhere and create a real buzz!

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