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Unika FAQ

How much does it cost?

Depending on what performance experience or package you choose, where your event is held, what day and time you want the performance to take place and how long you will want us to be with you, our pricing starts from £250 per dancer.


Why is it so expensive?

You may have noticed that there are cheaper companies out there and we understand why you wonder. Let us assure you that our pricing is competitive and that our pricing is a reflection of the quality of entertainment and service you will receive. First and foremost, we ensure that our dancers are paid fair industry rates; sadly this is not always the case in the dance industry and we are proud to be a fair employer! To read more about this important topic and to gain an exclusive insight into all the fun and exciting things that go on behind the scenes at Unika, read our blog post “What am I paying for? Or: why is dance entertainment so expensive?”


Where are you based? Where do you perform?

We’re based in London, UK, and perform throughout the UK, Europe and internationally. So far, our dancers have been to Dubai, Qatar, Morocco, and the Maldives and many more. Where will you take us?


How many dancers should I book?

This depends very much on your event and to answer this question to the best of our abilities, we recommend you get in touch now for a free mini-consultation! Generally speaking though, a small, intimate space and a small party needs fewer dancers than a large-scale event, so we recommend booking a minimum of three dancers for small parties and a minimum of eight dancers for large events. Also, some dances are typically performed as solos, for example, Belly dance or Flamenco, while others are typically performed in groups, for example, Samba or Charleston. 


Why should I book dance for my event?

We love this question because there are many reasons why dance is a great choice for any event, but we have identified three top reasons and you can read them up in our blog! 


What do I need to prepare for you?

In order to prepare your bespoke quote, we need to know when and where your event is held, how many people you’re expecting and what your event is. Additionally, you can tell us which dance experience you wish for and any other ideas and requirements, or, if you’re not sure about this yet, take advantage of our free mini-consultation and we will advise you according to your individual specifications. We look forward to hearing from you.


What happens if something goes wrong?

We are a professional company that ensures strict codes of conduct and best practice and we have measurements in place that ensure that nothing will go wrong and that we will deliver a fantastic show according to our agreement with you. In the event that, due to force majeure or an act of God, we really cannot fulfill our agreement with you, we will firstly do our utmost to find you a replacement and secondly, of course, offer a refund.


How can I pay?

Once a booking form is sent out to you payment can be made via bank transfer or we accept all major debit and credit cards. We also offer the option of a payment plan to make small, easy installment payments to make things easier. All we ask is that all funds are paid up 7 days before the event date. 


Why should I book Unika?

The fact that we create mind-blowing shows that will leave you and your guests completely and utterly excited and satisfied beyond your wishes is the result of our core company values: connection, creativity, and excellence. You should book us, because together these three words build our philosophy, inform our actions and characterise what you will receive every step of the way. We believe it’s important to create and grow meaningful connections with our clients, suppliers, dancers and ourselves because only this way will you have the best possible experience. Our platform is dance and music entertainment, which is deeply infused with our creativity and industry expertise. We deliver our shows and every aspect of customer service with the highest standards of quality from the point of inquiry all the way through to your show and our aftercare. If we haven’t yet convinced you, give us a call now and we’re sure you won’t look back.

Can you teach me to dance?

Certainly, from beginners to advanced level dancers, we are happy to teach you in the comfort of your own home or a professional dance studio. Are you preparing for your first dance or another important occasion, or do you simply want to learn new skills and grow more confidence on the dance floor? Whatever your ambition may be, our expert teachers will develop an individual teaching plan for you and accompany your journey into dance. 

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