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Belly dance is a sensual and seductive dance style and will add exotic mystery to your event. Think Aladdin and Jasmine and dreams out of Arabian Nights and let yourself be transported to a world of colour, exuberance and magic.

Our beautiful belly dancers perform exhilarating and awe-inspiring shows incorporating intricate, percussive movements, breath-taking agility and isolations and fiery shimmies and hip shakes. 

You can book a belly dancer performing one or two dances as a mesmerising solo act or, if you’re looking for a grander show or belly dance with a modern twist, you can book a group of dancers. Whatever your choice, expect a spell-binding performance full of drama, charm and charisma, and to be carried away in a whirlwind of colours, sound and magic. Our show includes Arabic drummers, exciting props such as veils, fan veils, Isis wings and even swords.

There are no words to describe how amazing these dancers were for my birthday party. They danced with so much energy and even told a story through dance. We loved it - they got everyone up on the dance floor and we were able to dance away! I would highly recommend Unika Dance Events – very professional and friendly and I would use them again. You simply have to experience them yourself to understand how great they are!!!

- Emeka N.

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