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Gift Ideas - Product vs. Experience

Unique and stand out ideas for those special moments

Are you wondering what to give your friends or loved ones for their next birthday? What might be the best present for your niece’s wedding or your mum and dad’s anniversary? Or what present do you deserve to make yourself?

Something you can buy

Please look further than your local gift shop or online store ;-) This person is unique and so should be their present, don’t you agree? Have you had a chat recently or even a longer while ago and they mentioned something they’d always loved having, but would never buy for themselves? Or could their spouse or best friend give you a secret tip?

Something you can make

Do you remember the mixtape and all the emotions attached to it? Technology may have advanced hugely, but there is real comfort in knowing that something personal, that only you and the person you are making the present to will truly understand and cherish, can still be made and will still be valued very dearly. The mixtape is just an idea to kick off your creativity. Think of the memories you’ve shared, the stories you’ve experienced together, the ups and downs you’ve overcome together. Your relationship is unique and so will be your present.

Something you can experience

What about that person who “has” everything? There is one thing that no one could ever have too much of and that is spending a great time with their friends and family. In fact, in this day and age, where we can possess just about everything at the click of the mouse, time is probably one of the rarest commodities that we could bestow on someone. A romantic dinner together, a weekend getaway, a birthday bash to remember, wedding entertainment to lift the affair up another nudge. Be inspired by the endless options!

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