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Celebrating Your Company’s Identity and Expressing Your Brand Through Dance

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Every single event you organise is a celebration of your company’s identity, a showcase that defines how people should and will perceive your organisation. In a very noisy world getting your target audience’s attention is impressive, but truly engaging them and achieving your call to action, that’s where the magic begins.

Your events must speak your company’s language by embodying your values and your corporate voice in every organisational and aesthetic aspect. In order to achieve this, you need to consider all the senses and develop a strategy that will reach and affect your target audience in more than the typical and obvious ways. Dance is an often-overlooked dimension or an element that is added in the end, but dance is more valuable and more effective than expected and merits a higher standing in event planning.

Whether your intent is to create brand awareness, introduce a new product or generate sales, live events are essential, because consumers can get to know your product or service. They play with it, test it, try it and ideally take steps to own it. In short, they have developed a connection and relationship with your company or product and that’s what life’s all about: connection and relationships. Events with entertainment and hands-on product interaction are becoming increasingly popular and commonplace in most integrated promotional campaigns.

In addition to performing and facilitating interactive workshops, which create focal points, draw attention and bring a lot of excitement, our dancers can meet and greet your guests, and encourage your audience to test products or take any wished for action. The human connection, communicating through all senses, physical engagement and the creation of a relationship are key here and will have a much higher impact than just relying on posters, technology and demonstrations or speeches.

Through expert consultancy and an in-depth analysis of your corporate voice and your goals for any particular event, we uncover which aspects of dance will be best suited to complement your brand engagement tactics and we will create engaging and conceptual dance experiences that express your brand identity.

Your key messages and brand personality will be communicated in a fresh, dynamic and inspirational format.

If you are seeking strong and unique branding messaging you can rely on Unika, because branding awareness campaigns and events call for a deep dive into creativity and this is what Unika Dance Events is all about.

On Thursday I’ll post a case study to show you how Unika works with a brand to unlock the potential of a product launch to be much more than just the presentation of a new product. Your product launch can be a memorable experience for your audience in its own right, an experience and a feeling that will be closely associated with your product and brand. For now I’ll just say: Christie’s Auction House and a luxury watch with a lot of tradition and history! Read more on Thursday.

Have we made you curious? Contact us on or call us on 07740 070 782.

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