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  • Emily Walker

Dance, a truly extraordinary gift idea

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The dilemma

What present to give that person that “has” everything? We’ve all wondered this at some point, haven’t we?

The answer

Our Unika dancers are often booked as the actual present for birthday parties! And other occasions actually, we’ve also been “given” to anniversaries, weddings and christenings.

Products vs. experiences

One of our clients was a good friend of the birthday boy and he told us he didn’t want to give another thing, item or product to his friend who had most things or could buy them himself. No, he wanted to give his friend something that he’d really enjoy and remember vividly for years to come and so he decided to book entertainment for the birthday party.

We performed for the birthday boy and his family and friends and got everyone up and dancing. We could tell that everyone was experiencing a great time:

  • There was an awesome atmosphere in the room with everyone joining in and sharing in the moment.

  • There was a strong feeling of unity and togetherness.

  • There was genuine joy, letting go and dancing freely, a true feeling of leaving the everyday and experiencing something out of the ordinary.

Imagine how precious that experience was for the birthday boy and also all the party guests, and think of the memories that were created. We think our client got it just right!

Dance can create an audio-visual and physical experience for everyone involved! It engages all the senses and allows people to let go of their everyday stresses and worries and have lots of fun and a great time along the way!

We love how dance can do this. In this day and age where we can possess just about everything at the click of the mouse and many people suffer from stress and worrying too much, having a good time with the people you value the most, is probably one of the most precious gifts you could bestow on someone.

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