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Unika Dance Events Ltd

Client Booking Terms and Conditions

1) Booking Confirmation 

Once a booking has been confirmed between Unika Dance Events and the client VERBALLY, ELECTRONICALLY or in WRITING, both parties will be subject to a legally binding contract consisting of the booking confirmation form and the following non-negotiable terms and conditions. 

Unika Dance Events confirmation form, containing the specific terms of the booking, must be signed and returned by the client. The failure to sign and/or return the booking confirmation form whilst proceeding with the booking will be deemed to be an acceptance by the client of these terms and conditions and they shall apply to and govern the booking between Unika Dance Events and the client. 

Any amendment and/or variations made to the booking confirmation form by the client shall not be valid and binding unless Unika Dance Events has agreed to such amendment and/or variation in advance and confirmed such agreement by signing the booking confirmation form after the amendment and/or variation has been included on the booking confirmation form. 


2) Booking Fees & Deposits 

Deposits are required to secure the booking date. The minimum deposit required is 50% of the booking fee. The deposit must be paid at time of booking. 

Bookings are only confirmed when the client’s deposit has cleared at our bank. Any changes to the agreement must be confirmed ELECTRONICALLY or in WRITING by both sides. 

The booking deposit and signed booking confirmation form are due within 7 days of issue and unless specified otherwise in the booking confirmation form, the remaining balance should be paid to Unika Dance Events 7 days before the event date. 

If a payment due to Unika Dance Events has not been received in the specified time, Unika Dance Events may terminate the booking without penalty. Additionally, the client remains liable for cancellation fees as outlined in ‘3) Cancellations’. 

If the booking deposit has not been received within the allotted time (7 days) this may be perceived as a breach of contract and free Unika Dance Events from contractual ties. 


3) Cancellations 

Where the client has cancelled the booking for reasons other than those outlined in ‘4) Force Majeure’ cancellation fees shall apply as follows: 

1. - If the booking is cancelled up to 14 days before the event date the full booking fee is due. 

2. - If the booking is cancelled up to eight weeks before the event date the entire deposit will be retained, and no further cancellation fees are due. 

3. - If the booking is cancelled more than eight weeks before the event date, the entire deposit will be refunded and no cancellation fees are due. 

4. - Bookings made less than one week before the event date are payable in full at the time of booking and the booking fee is non-refundable. 

5. - Cancellation of a confirmed booking may only be made ELECTRONICALLY or in WRITING. Bookings cannot be cancelled by telephone.




4) Force Majeure 

No party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, terrorist activities, death, illness or other incapacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter or changes in law.
Any party asserting Force Majeure so as to negate liability shall have the burden of proving it and justifying that they took preventative action wherever possible to counteract the circumstance. If successfully proven then the cancellation fees outlined in ‘3) Cancellations’ shall be unenforceable. 


5) Client Responsibilities 

The client must ensure that the performance venue is able to provide a safe source of power, a safe performance area, and that they can accommodate the performance of the dancers by possessing appropriate licenses and no inhibiting noise limiters. The client should also ensure that there is a sound system available to play the music required for the performance. If non-performance or a below par performance results due to venue restrictions, the client will still be liable for the total booking fee. 

The client should ensure these requirements are investigated prior to the confirmation of any booking and any relevant information disclosed to Unika Dance Events. Unika Dance Events reserves the right to suspend services if the venue/place of performance is considered to be unsafe. 

Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the client to ensure that the performers and staff are provided with free parking facilities at the performance venue for all vehicles associated with their act, if the venue is not easily accessible by public transport. Should no free parking be available the client is liable for any parking charges incurred. 

It is also the client’s duty to ensure that the dancers are provided with adequate refreshments throughout their stay at the performance venue. The minimum that must be made available is a free unlimited supply of mineral water and soft drinks and a hot meal or buffet for all members of the acts. Whilst the hot meal or buffet is negotiable for events of 1 hour’s duration or less, mineral water and soft drinks should always be provided. 

The client must also ensure that there is an adequate area for the performers to change in and store equipment and bags, which maintains their privacy. The area should be warm and clean, preferably be lockable and include chairs for the entire party, a safe source of power and a mirror. 

Unless given express permission, performers’ equipment is not available for use by any other person. 

If any performer from Unika Dance Events is subjected to aggressive or abusive behaviour and the client does not remove the perpetrator the performer/s shall be allowed to terminate their performance without penalty. The client will still be liable for the total booking fee. 

The required elements within ‘5) Client Responsibilities’ must be provided by the client at their own expense and if not supplied may be considered a breach of contract. 

Provisions outlined in ‘5) Client Responsibilities’ are negotiable between the client and Unika Dance Events but any modifications should be written into the booking confirmation form specifically. 

Under no circumstances can any dance acts perform outside under bad weather conditions. All feathered costumes cannot be exposed to any kind of humidity or rain. All flooring where dancers will perform must be clean and safe to dance on. 

6) Unika Dance Events Responsibilities 

All performers from Unika Dance Events will perform for the client to their highest standard and in the manner in which they have represented themselves to the client via promotional material. 

Unika Dance Events will provide the music for the performance on an audio CD or iPod. 

The fee outlined in the booking confirmation form and provided to the client by Unika Dance Events is fully inclusive and not subject to change. 

The performers from Unika Dance Events shall not drink alcohol before, during or after their performance. In addition, the dancers will not use illegal drugs on the day of the event or at the venue itself in any capacity. The performers should be aptly attired for their performance in line with agreements made with the client prior to the event, and they should remain courteous with the client, guests and employees of the venue. The performers will not act in any manner that is deemed damaging to the reputation of themselves, Unika Dance Events or the client. 

Unika Dance Events must contact the client directly before the event in accordance with the timeframe detailed in the booking confirmation form. This contact should be used to re-confirm the details in the booking confirmation form and finalise details such as parking, dress code, refreshments, payment and invoice matters. 

It is the responsibility of Unika Dance Events to ensure that upon signing the booking confirmation form they are under no obligation to another party in a manner that may interfere with this booking. 

Every effort is made to provide the performers of the client’s choice. Unika Dance Events reserves the right to substitute alternative performers at any time up to and including the day of the event without notice. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure a smooth running of all events, Unika Dance Events cannot be held responsible or liable for circumstances beyond their control including road traffic incidents, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, war, civil war, rebellion and revolution. 

Unika Dance Events shall not be liable for the following loss or damage howsoever caused and even if foreseeable by or in contemplation of Unika Dance Events: loss of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings whether sustained by the hirer or any other person, or special, indirect or consequential loss, other than direct physical damage to tangible property of the hirer or any other person, or any loss arising from any claim made against Unika Dance Events by any other person. 


7) Performance Schedule Changes 

Where it is not possible to amend the booking confirmation form prior to the event (e.g. on the day itself), changes should be agreed between the performers and the client. The performers are under no obligation to agree to any amendments which were not stated in the booking confirmation form. 

If the timings of the event are overrunning due to no fault of the performers, we are happy to be flexible but the performers are under no obligation to finish later than the time specified in the booking confirmation form and the client is still liable for full payment of the booking fee. 


8) Material 

Unika Dance Events occasionally uses stills and footage of our shows for marketing and promotional purposes. In taking part, participants agree to grant us royalty-free, non-exclusive license to publish and otherwise use the material in any media worldwide. 


9) Complaints & Disclaimer 

In the unlikely event of any dissatisfaction or complaint, this must be reported to Unika Dance Events by the client within 48 hours of the event by telephone. 

Whilst Unika Dance Events will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the performers provide a satisfactory and efficient service to clients, Unika Dance Events cannot be held responsible for a performer’s conduct or behaviour whilst delivering the services on site and in this regard Unika Dance Events shall not be held liable for any costs, expenses or losses suffered as a consequence of the behaviour or conduct of any performer. 

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