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Capoeira has become a very popular entertainment form, encapsulating amazing physical displays of strength, power and flexibility. Capoeira is a incredible acrobatic dance form which finds its roots in a crossover between dance and martial arts. A Brazilian Capoeira show never fails to excite and entertain an audience through its sheer display of courage and physical
prowess, leaving you breathless.

Samba de Gafiera

A highly entertaining couple dance. Originating from cabarets back in the 1940’s, the dance has significant influence from the Argentine Tango, and with its visual and acrobatic tricks it never fails to surprise with its humour, energy and wit. This enigmatic dance has all the personality of the famous Brazilian Bosanova music. You will experience a uniquely Brazilian cheekiness exemplified in this dance. Such a show will not fail to add colour and sophistication to any Brazilian themed evening.


Reflecting uninhibited excitement and energy, the Lambada is one of the most famous Brazilian couple dances. A dance full of swinging hips, spins, rhythmic body movements and hair flicking, it has become known as the forbidden dance for good reason! The hard hitting musical energy combined with the visual charisma of our dancers ensures that the Lambada will always resonate with our audiences.
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