Jazz, Charleston and Musical Theatre


Modern Jazz dance grew out of the early African American culture or the 1900s, and to this day has continued developing in parallel to the popular music of the time. The modern style is associated with both theatre and commercial works, and incorporates lots of unique movement, elaborate footwork, large leaps, and rapid turns. The dance style is sassy, and our Jazz dancers are ready to bring the spotlight to any event! Whether you wish to create the air of a musical, the feel of the 1920s with the Charleston, or recapture the 1950s big band and dance hall with tap, we offer a creative and knowledgeable approach to recapturing the spirit of an era. Alternatively let us bring you the flavour of commercial Jazz today as seen in artists such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga; Expect to be entertained by our classy artists.



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