Belly Dancers and Burlesque Entertainment


Beautiful Belly Dance Shows

Belly dance is often associated with the Middle East and is
characterised by intricate, percussive movements, shimmers and shivers. The dancers’ fluid movements will mesmerise you with their exoticism and Middle Eastern charms. You will be carried away in a sea of colour and sound. Our dancers will capture your imagination with their gloriously, colourful costumes, and a show themed with romanticised ideals, incorporating veils, wings, swords, silks and other props to add to the drama! Expect a spell binding performance!


Burlesque grew out of the London and American cabaret music scene from 1860 to the 1940’s. We Capture the era with lavish costumes, sensual performance, humour and wit. With the art of the sensual tease, our exotic dancers entertain.
Expect to see some semi naked naughtiness, all in the spirit of fun and entertainment. If you’re looking for sensual dancers and want to see the true art of the exotic tease, it’s not time to be bashful!

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