Classical Ballet & Modern Contemporary


Classical Ballet

Many regard Classical Ballet as either too elitist or inaccessible to the private or corporate client. We, at Unika Dance Events, aim to rectify this perception, giving our audiences a special treat – an opportunity to experience all the magic and skill of the corps de ballet. We can either provide high quality performances from famous works such as Swan Lake or the Nutcracker, or enjoy stunning modern lyrical and artistic works which retain all the grace and beauty of classical ballet.

All our shows demonstrate the flowing grace, definitive movements and ethereal quality of classical ballet. Whether you’re seeking pointe work, precise leg turnouts, dramatic high leg extensions or leaps and pirouettes, all of these disciplines can be incorporated into shorter entertainment forms specifically designed to meet the requirements of our private and corporate clients.

Contemporary Ballet

Contemporary Ballet is a very popular modern dance form which developed during the middle portion of the twentieth century and is now a dominant performance genre, represented in both theatre and TV formats. We are often more familiar seeing this style used in televised dance competitions such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Got to Dance.” With our highly technical and entertaining dance artists, we deliver a spectacular show. Whatever your artistic or
commercial taste, our highly technical, entertaining dance artists are guaranteed to deliver an astonishing show based on this highly versatile and expressive dance form.


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