Marisa & Przemo

Marisa Gulino Bania is a choreographer, performer and United Kingdom Alliance Dance Teacher. She has a wealth of experience in both Brazilian Dance and other dance disciplines such as Ballet and Jazz.
She has 15 years of experience, teaching, choreographing and performing Lambada – Zouk and Samba in London and around the world. Marisa is well known for her precise and
technical teaching methods. She is also very encouraging to her students and sensitive to their needs. Marisa is well known on the scene for her flexibility, adaptability and technical ability both as a teacher and as a dancer. She exudes passion and grace in her dance style, making the most challenging moves and lifts look effortless.

Przemo Bania has been teaching and performing Lambada zouk alongside and performing with his wife, Marisa, for the past 6 years. As a dancer, he has amazing style and energy and as a teacher he is well known on the scene for being patient, precise and he is able to break down even the most complicated moves in a very simple way. Przemo is an amazing leader with great musicality; a quote from one of the students; “He is as
smooth as butter to dance with”.

Together Marisa & Przemo have introduced a unique style of Lambada Zouk introducing contemporary, RnB and Latin Ballroom influences to their choreographies. They are creative and exciting dancers with a beautiful connection and feeling
for each other and the music, and perform with passion and style.